Photo courtesy of The Dubois County Herald

Every weekday The Scratch has live and recorded student run programs.
The Scratch also offers several special weekly programs, most of which are student produced.  This can also include coverage of things like high school sports or other live events.


2015 Scratch Shifts (Fall Semester)


Morning: Austin Hopf

Midday: James Franklin (1st)

-Evan Nichols (4th)

-Antoinette Birge (6th)

Afternoon: Andrea and Kathleen

-Southern Scratch 4-5p

-Elrod’s Retro Radio 7-8p



Morning: James Franklin

Midday: Geordon Terwiske (1st)

Afternoon: Alex Crutchfield

-Ian and Kade 4-5p

-Take it Off Tuesday 6-7p



Morning: Simeon Harris

Midday: Kate Hauersperger (1st)

Afternoon: Cameron Sanders

-Long Lasting Legacies 5-6p


Morning: Luke Foster

Midday: Natalie Hopf (1st)

-Cameron Sanders (7th)

Afternoon: Hannah

-D. Ross is Boss 6-7p

-Showtime 7-8p


Morning: David Derr

Midday: Ryan Gunn (1st)

-Kiersten Weyer

Afternoon: Josh Dewitt

-Rap Hour 6-7p

-Booty Bouncin’ Beats 7-8p


-Tickle My Fancy 12a-1p

-Luke’s Hit List 7-8p


-Acoustic Cafe 8-10a

-CCJ Radio 10a-12p

-Senior Sunday 3-4p: